Take the DistillerSR Certification Exam Today and Assess Your Knowledge

The DistillerSR Certification Exams are the best way for DistillerSR users to affirm their knowledge. The certification looks great on resumes and LinkedIn, and can also help ensure you and your team are properly trained to use the software. 

Test your DistillerSR skills and get certified in one, or all, of our Certification Exams:

  • Basic ($75*): Covers a broad range of DistillerSR topics at a high level, testing users on interface, navigation, and a basic understanding of the key features of the software. 

  • Advanced ($125*): Encompasses all functionality within DistillerSR except for the AI Toolkit, Enterprise Features, and reports. This certification is designed for users who are capable of setting up projects and configuring workflow components.

  • Reporting ($125*): Covers all functionalities within the Reports dropdown menu, including everything from canned reports (eg. Kappa and PRISMA) all the way to Datarama and exporting/saving reports.

  • Super User ($250*): Tests users on all aspects of the software except for the AI Toolkit and Enterprise Features. Includes all other certifications.

Want to bolster your resume and affirm your DistillerSR knowledge and skills? Register for the DistillerSR Certification exam of your choice today!

*Additional taxes may apply.