Become a DistillerSR Expert

Whether you're new to DistillerSR, want to bring your team up to speed, or improve your configuration skills, our DistillerSR Training & Certification packages will take you to the next level.

  • Basic Training and Certification ($275/person*): Covers a broad range of DistillerSR topics at a high level, including interface, navigation, and a basic understanding of the key features of the software. 

  • Advanced Training & Certification ($325/person*): Encompasses all functionality within DistillerSR except for the AI Toolkit, Enterprise Features, and reports. This training is designed for users who are involved in setting up projects and configuring workflow components.

  • Reports Training & Certification ($375/person*): Covers all functionalities within the Reports dropdown menu, including everything from canned reports (eg. Kappa and PRISMA) all the way to Datarama and exporting/saving reports.

  • Custom Training ($500/up to 5 people*): Looking for training on something specific? Designed for whatever you need, these one hour training sessions can be used for any feature in DistillerSR.

*Discounts may be applied to large groups. Additional taxes may apply.

Already a DistillerSR Pro?

If you've been a DistillerSR User for a while or have already received training, you can purchase any of the DistillerSR Certification separately.

  • Basic ($75*): Have a basic understanding of DistillerSR's main features? Start here on your certification journey.

  • Advanced ($125*): Put your DistillerSR configuration skills to the test to pass this Advanced certification.

  • Reports ($125*): Prove that you're a Datarama Dynamo and get Reporting certified.

  • Super User ($250*): Earn your DistillerSR Super User Cape with the Super User Certification (includes all other certifications).

*Additional taxes may apply.